Crazy talk 6 won’t install

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to install Crazy Talk 6 for creating facial in 2D and 3D animation. It only goes halfway in the installation progress bar then just stops and exits. What seems to be the problem and is someone having the same problem? I'm on a Windows XP 64 bit system that has a 4 GB RAM and 1 GB Video Card.

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Crazy talk 6 won’t install


Hi ​Donnaa

Verify that your computer has those specifications

Windows XP SP2 / Vista 32/7 from 32 to 64 bits

Pentium IV 2GHz or greater. 512 MB RAM or greater.

1 GB of available disk space

Sound Card Resolution: 1024 x 768 or greater.

Video Memory: 128 MB RAM or greater.

DirectX 9 and Windows Media 9 required for export WMV

Thank you

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Crazy talk 6 won’t install


Hi Donnaa Gordon,

I want to focus on how are you going to ensure that your system information matches your system requirements. First you may go to start type on the search bar located below the words "DXDIAG" this Direct X Diagnose will tell you the hardware that you have right now and the drivers installed on it. The system information is on the General Tab and on the Display Tab. Check those before installing the program.

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Crazy talk 6 won’t install


Hi Donnaa,

The reason why you encounter this issue is possibly because of the following:

  • Corrupted software. The file may be infected with the virus.
  • Is the file stored on an external drive such as CD or DVD? You should copy the software on your local drive then try to install again.
  • The software is not compatible with your machine.

To fix this issue:

  • Download a 64 bit Crazy talk 6 or the latest version.
  • Update your drivers, antivirus and Windows Updates.
  • If you're using a CD or DVD to run the installation, make a copy onto your hard disk.
  • Scan your computer with antivirus.
  • Upon installation, make sure there's no application processing in the background such as other security application.
  • Minimize multiple program running on your machine.

If you make sure that above suggestion is done, you may retry on installing the software. Hope this helps.


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