Crash for no apparent reason

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For some time now my PC crashes, but crashes as I've never seen,

Let me explain, nothing works, the taskbar is locked, and the famous 'Ctrl alt del' does not work either

In short I would like to know if it's a hardware problem or virtual.

My configurations:
OS Vista Basic
3GB of RAM
processor core 2 E4400
CG GT240

For infomations, I have an antivirus  called Eset Smart Security.

This problem happens for the first time, and my PC is only 4 years old

Thank you for your answers.

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Crash for no apparent reason


Hello Drayli,

Straight forward the problem are probably the software which need to be update like Eset Smart Security, a data in the storage that need to have defragmentation, operating system registry that need to fix and remove unnecessary files that has not been use for a long time so it may refresh your hard disk.

With this problem I encounter sometimes I’d used software called TuneUp Utilities for helping registry files to determine the bug files.  

Helping you with this problem first you should check if there is abnormal noise in the hard disk if not focus more in software side. Hope your PC has a proper maintenance every month so that in daily use you have no hassle encounter in preparing your task when it regards in documentation and other programs used.

By the way TuneUp Utilities 2011 has capability to fix that common problem.

Hope this solution may help your problem.





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Crash for no apparent reason


The problem is not the hardware but rather the software.

To be more precise the Operating System might be contaminated by Viruses or you might have so many Processes or your Hard Disk is at its limit.

Try these steps:

1. Try opening your computer in Safe Mode by pressing F8 continuously during boot time to enable the options for safe mode. because sometimes it solves the problem right away.

2. If the problem still exist, use the same method to backup files or try using a Bootable OS to perform a backup.

3. Reformat your hard disk and install a fresh operating system using a operating system (probably your Vista Basic CD)

4. Install drivers and programs etc. for your PC and monitor if it still crashes.

Hope this helps you solve your problem.

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