CPU problems connecting target protocol tcp/ip

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Hi there,

I get this CPU error and I don’t know why is saying that my CPU is not licensed. My PC is up to date and all my drivers also are upgraded. Is there a driver for CPU ? What this error means and please tell me what is causing this ?

Thanks !

Problems Connecting Target

Step finished with this error: CPU: MPC83xx is not licensed

Target Context: [email protected]

Target Connect Strategy: Wind River VxWorks Target Connect Strategy

Connect Step: Connect DFW

Target Communication Protocol: TCP/IP

Target IP Address:

Target Port: 0x4321

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CPU problems connecting target protocol tcp/ip

It seems to be a spyware. For any reason was downloaded to your computer.
I suggest you perform a System Restore in your computer as soon as possible.
If you have windows 7, do this:
Click on start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore.
When in the System Restore menu, choose  Restart my computer to an earlier time, click next. You will see a calendar. Choose a bold date before the day you had the error message. Click on it and then next. The process will start. This process does not delete any of your data, just any changes on programs or software will be deleted.
At the end, the computer will restart by itself and a success message will be prompted.

Hope this helps


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