Covering metal used in the new IPhone six and six plus

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I am now thinking of buying a new iPhone six but whenever I browse in the internet about the current affairs about the iPhone I always get disheartened, people are complaining about the outer metal covering the iPhone. Some even complain that it gets bend in a tight pocket or while sleeping on jeans! I am desperately thinking of buying a IPhone but the rumors of it around the globe prevents me from getting it. I am on a budget and I do not want my money to be greased for a very sensitive person!

I would like to know in detail about it.

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Covering metal used in the new IPhone six and six plus


Hello Gregory!

The outer metal covering of IPhone 6 is one of the best feature because it is metal but also its defect. Since metal can easily be bent that’s why this is one of the biggest factor why most of the consumers are thinking if they are going to buy IPhone 6. It isn’t convenient for any handheld phone users just to keep it in their hands anywhere they go. They have to at least keep it in their bag or pocket. Placing it inside your bag or pocket will technically bend it easily.

The covering is metal though, but unlike any other metal it can easily be bent by just placing it inside your pocket. Thinking about any other option to buy will be the earlier version. Buying any handheld device will be based on your necessities. For example if you’re working better to buy the earlier version of IPhone. You’ll have almost of the features that IPhone 6 have. Streaming videos, play music and games. Organize your appointments and store files. You can easily shop online using Google Store or ITunes. The point here is that if it’s beneficial, if it will be sufficient to complete and organize your daily needs, and most important is it’s within your budget.


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