Cooling of gaming system- water cooling

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I am currently looking into putting together my own pc. Given that I am planning to construct a gaming system, the processing power will be very high. Given this setup, I want to have a perfect cooling system. In the past I have installed a few fans and found that it was not very effective. Can anyone give me alternatives? I heard water cooling was very effective, can I have a walkthrough?

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Cooling of gaming system- water cooling


For the price, I never would suggest a water cooled system as they only offer a very small gain over air cooling. But hey! It’s your dime.

Having background in automotive, liquid cooling in desktop PC is an expensive way to fix the temperature problem, also what do liquid do best? THEY LEAK! That’s what they bloody do. Installing them inside your multi-thousand gaming rig, well? I don’t want to reach that part.

Now a day, air coolers are incorporating with heat pipes for more efficient cooling. And consider when buying cases. Case design also helps proper air circulation.

In terms of temperature, both can maintain GPU and CPU at an operational level,

I suggest Air cooling over water cooling. But again, it’s your dime. Given the information I mentioned, if you still want to go for water cooling, there are lots of custom loops you can buy on the web.

Try a sealed liquid cooler to keep your over clocked processor chilled and reduced noise.


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