Cooling fan problem suddenly made bad sound

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It is less than two week ago my cooling fan suddenly made bad sound and stopped. I cleaned it and set again. After it was working well. But yesterday I was hearing music and browsing internet. It has stopped again with a shitty sound.

Now its okay. But i am confused there is a big problem. What should I have to do? My motherboard is Gigabyte 7NF-RZ the CPU is running at 1.05 GHz.

Is it alright? I went to crank the setting and the system just crashed. Now i don't understand it the problem for what. Cooling fan or Motherboard? I don't want to spend money for this issue.

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Cooling fan problem suddenly made bad sound


Hello There,

There are two possibilities your fan is crashing. It would not be a faulty MOBO, because if it was, then your whole machine would crash. We could be looking at a faulty fan or a malware in your computer. Your MOBO is great and the fan rate is okay. So let’s move on and try to fix this issue.

Here are the things that you can try to resolve this issue. Let’s look into the hardware part of the problem 1st:

1. Try to remove the fan and check if there are dust clogging it.
2. Make sure that the power output of the fan to the MOBO is tightly plugged.
3. Make sure your CPU is in a location where a good amount of airflow is available.

Now, let us look into the software part of the issue. There are a lot of malware that can cause your fan to bug down. Some can even make the fan run at speeds which are not acceptable causing machines to shut down because of heat.

Here is the stuff you can try:

1. If you have an anti-virus software, do a full system scan.
2. Once you have scanned and detected some viruses, make sure you quarantine them. Do not delete, some files might be tagged as viruses but is needed by your system.
3. If you are not able to detect anything after the scan, run your computer in safe mode, then run a scan in your computer. (press F8 on start up to run on safe mode).

Once you have done all these steps and still the issue is there, it is best to take your CPU to a local shop to have your hardware checked. I hope this will help you.

Have a great day!

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Cooling fan problem suddenly made bad sound

  • The best way to solve this problem is to use software to manage your fan speed and other task, how is it not entrusting, yes it is. You can download one from here also. Just search for the program and you will easily find it on net. Install it on your PC and make sure there is no problem in it after you run it.
  • Although other way is to check your power supply of your PC and also check that your Motherboard is not rusty or some interrupt in your fan like some wire of fan is interrupting in it. Also check that it is perfectly plugged where it is required.
  • Check your BIOS setting also to make sure they are running the fan at constant speed.

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