Convert PSTN system to VOIP

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How can i convert public switched telephone network (PSTN) to a voice over IP (VOIP) system without replacing analog phones?

There a PABX in current PSTN system.



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Convert PSTN system to VOIP


Hi Monica,

First you need to have a VoIP account set up on the 7390 for the Proxy settings of the IP of Fritzbox.

After that you have to point the SPA PSTN dialplan at that VoIP DID.

For example – If your Pennytel number on 7390 is 0246587932 then you have to write dialplan 8 on the SPA as : (S0<:[email protected]>) And here you also have to make sure that your PSTN line is enabled.

I have mentioned the basic setting for it. Change the settings as mentioned below for it to work.

Proxy and Registration

Proxy: IP of Fritzbox

Make Call Without Reg: Yes

Ans Call Without Reg: Yes

Audio Configuration

Preferred Codec: G711a

Dial Plans

Dial Plan 8: (SO<VoIPnumber on [email protected] of 7390>)

VoIP -To-PSTN Gateway Setup

VoIP-To-PSTN Gateway Enable: Yes

PSTN Ring through Line 1: No


PSTN Caller Default DP: 8

FXO Timer Values (sec)

VoIP Answer Delay: 1

PSTN Answer Delay: 2

International Control

FXO Port Impedance: 220+820     120nF

SPA To PSTN Gain: 2

PSTN To SPA Gain: 4

Line-In-Use Voltage: 37 (this varies at different situations)

I hope this answer was useful to you.

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