Continues strange sounds on my PC

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Hello Everyone!

Hope you can help me. I have a problem with my pc, when I push the button to start it, the central unit starts but the screen shows nothing. Also, the most thing that made me feel chocked is that the pc make a continuous strange sound that seems to the sound when we have a message error but it begins and doesn't stop until I shutdown the pc using the push button.

Please help, it's urgent. Thankfully,

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Continues strange sounds on my PC



Hi, when computer screen show nothing and beeping for long time, it seems there is problem with your graphics card or RAM. You have to check your RAM (Memory chips) and graphics card as well. You may open both of them and check whether it is damaged or not. If they are okay, please clean them carefuly and put them back. You also have to open your CMOS. Then wait for 20 and put it again.

After that start your computer again. If the problem is not solved please turn off your pc and check back your processor. Open your processor and cooling fan. Check your processor is over heated or not. Then put the processor back. Start you pc again and see everything is okay now. It will work only if your Graphics card and RAM is not damaged. 


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Continues strange sounds on my PC



The sound (continuous beeping) on the start of system, and no image on the screen means that you have a hardware failure.

This hardware failure denotes a bad or faulty RAM. If you can work with the hardware, then try the following steps to try a recovery, otherwise you have to revert to the computer expert.

1 – Disconnect from the power source

2 – Open the side panel (tower desktop) or panel (drawer desktop)

3 – You will notice one or two sticks on the Motherboard (see the example pic)

1 – If you have two rams take out one ram, and try re-starting your pc, if the sound persist, shutdown, remove power source, and replace the 1st ram with second ram and try re-starting the pc. If one ram is faulty, the pc should start with the other ram, if both rams are faulty or you have only one ram then go to step 5

2 – The RAM you have taken out, try cleaning it, by using a soft eraser (the one used for erasing the lead pencil writes) the cleaning is to be done on the metallic part on the side of ram which goes in the slot.

3 – Fix the ram back, and try to start the computer. If you still hear the beep then it is time to Replace your RAM


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Continues strange sounds on my PC


You are having a black screen problem with your PC, and it may be caused by the following:

  • You may be having a CD, a DVD or a floppy disk in your CD, DVD, or floppy drive when you start the computer and therefore the computer is having trouble trying to boot from those drives.
  • Another possible cause could be because one of the following elements on your computer have been corrupted and therefore unable to load when the computer boots;
  1. Master boot record
  2. Partition tables
  3. Boot sector
  4. NTLDR file

In case the problem is because of cause number one, then you will just need to remove the CD, DVD or the floppy drive and restart the computer. But in case it is because of corruption of the mentioned elements, you will need to obtain a Windows XP CD-ROM and use it to troubleshoot the issue.

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Continues strange sounds on my PC


i also experienced that problem on my pc i checked the video card and there's no defect and then the memory and it is also not defective so i clean my motherboard i get the processor fan and then i get also the processor and i brush the motherboard and i test my pc is working until now.If your pc is beeping long check your memory video card and memory.

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