Connection between pooling and object pooling, their advantage

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For your technical advice and recommendations please. 

What is connection between pooling and object pooling?

What are the advantages of the two, and is there a difference between them?

May I ask as to where could I make the setting of the minimum and maximum pool size?

I wish to set it with connection pooling. Your technical steps to follow  please.

What is the base class for namespace in .NetClass library?

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Connection between pooling and object pooling, their advantage


Hi Callidora,

Let me define first POOLING and OBJECT POOLING before differentiating the two. POOLING- is said to be container- controlled.  Where in OBJECT POOLING is said to be software products which created to act the utilization of restricted resources in order for the clients request to meet  their demands with pooling Objects in an area.  And Just in case they still needed to reuse the Object Pooling.  In addition, If Object Pooling is used, you can control the different connection,  And POOL will be the one to determine if the maximum is reached  In order  for them to create the Objects.  It also increases the complications of such kind of Objects.  What  else are needed?  

What if the following Objects has reached the maximum level in creating.  You have to draw back.  it also  adds the time complexity  for bigger Objects.

Hope this might help you.


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