Conflicts while using the ORACLE 116 commands.

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Using ORACLE 11G, the output should be “[email protected]@789.” The command is; if the input is constant, apply Pl/SGL Developer or return correctly by Java. But if it’s "var||constant||var||constant||var," it should only return the constant. However, my function only produces “@@.” What should I do to have the ideal result?

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Conflicts while using the ORACLE 116 commands.


Hi Ed Napoles,

You should not post exact code that might danger your company's  security.    Or you could just give samples that are not the exact of  yours but sample of utilizing generic table, and using also different names or you just can give a more logical opinion on your problem so that I can give you a much alike solutions.

 So to speak, you've got that error might probably because you have had entered an exceeded variables or  you do not use a more credible assessment  of using such variables which are not being used by the function which in return it the variables you used became useless. 

Hope this might help you.


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