Configuring usb gamepad swap buttons

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How to configure my USB gamepad swap buttons? I own a PS2 controller hooked up to a PlayStation to USB adapter, and I'm trying to play Sleeping Dogs but there doesn't seem to be a way to configure the joystick buttons. It appears to use Xbox 360 button mappings, but the converter's default button mappings are completely dissimilar.

I have 3 wireless 360 controllers but MS doesn't sell the wireless receiver anymore. I don't even use my 360 anymore so I'd be bonkers to go out and buy a 4th controller wired.
Is there a way to switch the button assignments, either in the game (which I can't find), or within Windows to match the way 360 has them setup? Is there anything out there for me to see. Or does the game have a Config file I can modify?
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Configuring usb gamepad swap buttons


Hi Menzies,

Changing the button mapping for a mouse should be done on the Mouse software profile, say if you have a Logitech then you check the Logitech profiler on how to change the mapping. Most users will have Logitech Precision Gamepad, however it only works for USB connection. On the Logitech profiler software uncheck “Enable joystick input” this will allow you to remap keys on your gamepad buttons.

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