The concept of Java programming and all that it entails

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What is the concept of Java programming? Are there diverse concepts of java programming? Why is it necessary for one to have the Java in this computing world? Can anyone become a java programmer or developer? What is Java Development Kit abbreviated as JDK? My name Jason from Democratic Republic of Congo. Thank you.

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The concept of Java programming and all that it entails



Java is an Object Orient Programming language, with tremendous portability and power.

The starting of Java was with Sun Corporation, where it’s on the hand of Oracle. They’re developing this platform and has given the present face.

Java is more popular for its portability. A program developed on Windows could be run on any platform, including Linux, Mac and to all. The compiled program generates universal bitwise programs instead of generating binary programs. That enables all the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) to execute the code into the machine’s system, no matter what the OS or the hardware configuration is.

In order to be a Java programmer, of course, you must learn the language. JDK is the compiler of Java source codes. It generates the executable JAR files. It’s a large collection, and a powerful compiler.

Java is open-source, easy to learn. Of course, it’ll take time to learn this language as it’s a little bit complex but every programming language is a complex thing that only can be learned through practice. Anyone can learn Java, use it in his everyday works.

There are many programs and websites that use Java as their working platform so having Java is almost a must as it’ll enable to have all the features available.

You can get JRE from here. In order to get JDK, you may contact this link. For learning Java, I recommend this tutorial.

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