Computer will turn off after a few minutes.

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I've got a problem with my desktop PC. Why is it that after a 2 or 3 minutes in used, it will just turn off without even properly shutdown?

I'd just performed monthly cleaning with my desktop PC. I have dismantled all the components, cleaned the dust with paint brush. Assembled it again then tried to boot. Then after a few minutes my problem came across. 
Any help will be appreciated.
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Computer will turn off after a few minutes.


Most problem with auto-shutdown PC is/are caused by malfunction hardware inside. The problem could be the processor, fan, VGA, RAM and even the power cord attached to an outlet.

So, a maintenance is important to keep computer in good condition and maintain performance. It is unusual to experience issue that the computer shuts down by itself after 2-3 minutes when in used. This could be problem with virus infection that the processor cant hardly perform.

Computer also has a settings that shuts down whenever you want to. You can set this in the registry to shutdown the PC after the time it's in used. Changing the registry settings might caused you too much trouble and the only way to fix is by re-installing Windows.


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Computer will turn off after a few minutes.


I think after you cleaned your computer you did not check if the processor's fan is properly connected. The processor can not function properly if its temperature reached its maximum level. When using the computer, after pressing the power button of the CPU the processor will immediately heat up as a result of the electric current passing through it. If the processor’s heat level reached its peak it will automatically shutdown and needs to cool down first before it can start up again. To avoid this heat zinc is installed above it so it will absorb all the heat that the processor releases. But sometimes heat zincs are not enough especially for those extremely fast processors. A cooling fan is added on top of the heat zinc to supply it with cool air. This way the processor’s temperature is maintained.

Check the cooling fan of the processor if it spins freely and doesn’t encounter any obstacle while spinning. If you noticed a slight slowness in the fan’s speed, check the supply connector if it’s securely connected. If it’s okay and still it’s getting slow, better to replace it to avoid the untimely shutdown of the computer.


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Computer will turn off after a few minutes.


It is great that you have cleaned up your computer on the outside. Maybe one of these will help you.

  • Check if your fan is still working properly, overheating tend to shutdown your computer.

If there is no problem with overheating, try doing this.

  • Remove, clean, and put the RAM back.

If that won’t work do the next step

  • Install a CC cleaner and clean the unwanted files of your computer, then reboot.

If that won’t still work

  • Upgrade your OS

Hope this helped you.

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Computer will turn off after a few minutes.


Your problem might be the over heating on your processor, CPU and power supply. Try to check everything including the plugs and cords. Provide additional Aircon or fan in your room so that to cool from time to time your PC. This will help your PC relax while not in use.


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