Computer date and time needs to set every after logging in

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For past two days I am facing a new issue with my computer which I have never ever faced it before at any time .The problem is whenever I log in to my computer it says to enter the date and the time’s have set it.

Once my work is competed I shut down my computer and even after some 1 to 2 hours I turn on my computer it again says to enter the date and time .Where I fell it is not holding the Date and Time which I am entering .is this expected to be a hardware problem. Who I need to do about this case .Please help me to solve this problem

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Computer date and time needs to set every after logging in


The main cause for this problem may be because of a file named autoexec.bat/config.sys or may be because of the CMOS Battery of because or Real Time Clock .Whatever problem be it .Let me help you fix the problem.

If this problem is not happened ever before but recently its happening then you may need to check for the existence of the File autoexe.bat/config.sys on your computer .To verify the presence of autoexe.bat/ config.sys on your computer use command prompt.  If t is not there you need to recreate the file or reloaded from any backup. For details onto perform the restoring of the above mentioned file visit where you may have step by step instructions that makes you better understand.

If your computer is a older version that just operated with the 80286 processor t which as designed does not have a CMOS or Real time clock. It is functioning as it is designed .But since you have said that this is the first time that you are facing the problem its more clear that the computer has a processor made up with the version which is after the model 80286.

So it has a CMOS and a Real time clock. Once you have tried reloading the above mentioned bat file if it was missing and then even it is not working means that the CMOS or Real time clock Battery may be dead so you need to go ahead and change the CMOS or RTC battery based upon the failure The best way to do that would be calling the Computer manufacturer and as for a technician to fix it stating the issue.

Hope that the time which I have spent may have helped you to just understand the issue and narrow down it. And solve the issue

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Computer date and time needs to set every after logging in


If it is a hardware problem then you have to buy a new cell for your PC it is really very cheap and is easily available at any PC shop. As I have shown this here:

But as you say that your PC prompts for new date and time every time this shows that the problem is not in your hardware although it may be in your settings so change like this. Follow these steps:
Go to your CONTROL Panel and select DATE and TIME now when you have done go to time zone and set your region also go to Internet time and check the box gives the option " Automatically  ……." 
After you do this now go to Regional and language settings and set it also as per your country settings. Finally apply them all and your problem is gone.


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