Computer Monitor convert HDMI to VGA

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Here is a situation; I want my monitor screen hooked up using VGA. I have a HDMI port on the back of my unit. My question now is if it's possible to add another screen to the HDMI port? I would like to convert HDMI to VGA so I can add another monitor into them. Can I run both screens using this configuration?

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Computer Monitor convert HDMI to VGA


Hello Smcarbado,

I think it is possible to run both screens at the same time as long the VGA ports will successfully carter for your monitor and the other screen that you will like to use. For is it is possible to use a monitor and at the same time you are using a projector, so it is possible to use it in the way that you have just stated above.

What I am not so sure is if the display settings will be the same for all the screens. You may find that one screen displays with quite large font which could be blurred in a way.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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Computer Monitor convert HDMI to VGA



To convert HDMI to VGA, he (she) will need to use a special converter. It must do it because a sign HDMI is completely digital, but the sign VGA is purely analogical. Bear in mind that the converters can execute a little expensive and the sales cannot give him a quality of very good image.

I am not 100 sure per cent of what you refer when you say to convert DVI to HDMI, for you he (she) has said that the team (equipment) has two exits (departures), but the monitor is the one that has the entry VGA. In this case, it is possible that he (she) needs to convert DVI to VGA, for the adapters little for those that will only cost approximately $ 5.



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