Computer doesn’t starts. Cooler turns on for 5 seconds then off.

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I am using a Dell Inspiron 3000 and my problem is, it turns on and then off. It seems that it will start, but it's not. I tried opening my CPU to ensure that there is no loose thread or wires. It all seems fine but I found out that the cooler will start for 5-6 seconds. After that, it will turn off and my computer will not start. How can I resolve this issue?


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Computer doesn’t starts. Cooler turns on for 5 seconds then off.


The mentioned issue can happens for three main reasons. Below are the reasons with solution.

1.    RAM issue: If there is any issue with the RAM computer may turn on and off but display nothing. Also cooler will be on but stop after few second.  Once you switch on the computer the CPU try to boot using the RAM. But if the RAM is damaged it cannot and off the processor then. To solve this issue takes out the RAM and then insert it. You can verify using it another system that the RAM is working properly.

2.    Hard Disk: This issue may happen due to issue with hard disk. Once the CPU is on it will search for the OS from the hard disk. But if the hard disk is damaged then it will not find the OS and will shut down after a few seconds. Take out the hard disk and then again insert in its slot. Connect all the cables properly and verify there is no loose cables.

3.    OS issue: There may be some issue with the OS like missing file or corrupted boot file which turns on and turn off the system. To resolve this format the system and load in OS or repair the existing OS.

Follow these three steps until the issue is not resolved.


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