Computer crashes when browsing with Chrome or Mozilla

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When I am browsing the web using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as my primary browsers, my desktop with Window 7 x64 will constantly freeze. I did try to switch with one browser at a time to see if there will have some changes but it doesn’t. Such errors were always bugging me every time. I can surf the web for only 5 minutes to one hour sometimes but still, after that my computer will hang for no reason. Unfortunately, I don’t have any program which can restore my system prior to the said issue. I had run a total system virus scan but stated that it doesn’t have any error. I have spent so many times and a lot of effort on fixing this but still was unable to get the solution for these. I am really annoyed with such unsolved issue. Please help me solve this terrible problem? Can anyone help me?

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Computer crashes when browsing with Chrome or Mozilla


Try the following solutions

> Firstly disable the following Mozilla plugin ‘Shockwave Flash’
> Update all the plugins to latest version
> If still the problem exists than uninstall flash plugin and reinstall it from adobe
> Or reinstall both browsers it will surely solve the issue
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Computer crashes when browsing with Chrome or Mozilla


Hello Andrea Gill,

Which versions of Firefox and Google chrome are using on your computer? If they are old versions and then could be having stability issues and thus freezing all the time when you use them for browsing. Therefore I will suggest that you get the latest versions of those browsers and install them and see if the error will be fixed.

The problem may be also occurring as a result of you having low memory on your computer, and therefore when you try to run multiple processes at the same time as you doing with the browsers the computer freezes due to running out of memory space required for executing the applications.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung


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