Compiling and running Java on Android

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Hello everyone! I was thinking if its possible that I can run and compile the Java and Android programs within my Android Smartphone. I mean its possible to compile and run programs using the Android Development Toolkit on my laptop or a desktop. So in the same manner, is it possible for a Smartphone as well? Thanks for the help!


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Compiling and running Java on Android


There is a free app called AIDE which can be downloaded from Google App Store. It is an integrated development environment and it allows you to develop Android apps directly on your Android device.  This means that you can compile and run Java programs on any Android device.  It has advanced features like code compilation, error checking in real time and smart code navigation. (See below for more features).  Below is a screenshot of the AIDE app.

Features include:

  • You don’t need Root access to run this app
  • Compiles fast
  • Integrated LogCat viewer
  • It uses Eclipse .classpath project format
  • Code formatter
  • Code completion for Java and Android XML
  • Unlimited Redo and Undo

For more IDE Android apps, you can click here


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