Compatible antenna for WiMax modem.

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What is the compatible Antenna for this WiMax modem I have this modem from Samsung but it's antenna is 2DB i want a 12DB Antenna for this modem and for Wimax model Samsung CPE SMT-S3500?

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Compatible antenna for WiMax modem.

Hi Mr.Edson Chua
I Suggest using Linksys Model HGA7S-EU, it is 7DBi, very powerful antenna, I put 2 on mine (with modified connectors) working Great. And also try this model PTWXSP2327-17XP65 this antenna works in the 2.3 – 2.7GHz band so it is compatible.
However this antenna is typically used in base station applications and not CPE’s due to the narrow beam width (targets a specific radiator). If you are able to mount this outdoors oriented to base station then this will work just fine.
A better antenna for indoor CPE’s (but mounted externally and routed indoor).


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