Please help in enabling wireless network card

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Hello! I need a little help in enabling my wireless network card. The computer device manager says that the wireless network is working and that the drivers are all updated, and yet the network settings indicate that the wireless network card, a PCI Edimax EW-7128G, is disabled. I could not enable the network card either. I already tried using other network cards but still nothing changed. I am starting to think that this is the result of the recent replacement of the motherboard. Everything else used to work before except for the wireless network card. Do you think it has something to do with Windows 7? I would appreciate any insight you might offer. Thank you.

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Please help in enabling wireless network card


Hi Aileen,


Here is a solution for you:

  • Go to start menu
  • Open your control panel
  • Click network connections in control panel
  • Double click on wireless interent/network connection
  • Select properties
  • If you can see wireless network tab or wi-fi, just click and enable it.
  • Restart your computer

For more information, you can also visit the link below. I hope that it will help you solve your problem. Have a good day and good luck to you. I'll be happy if you let me know it worked. Thanks in advance



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Please help in enabling wireless network card



The problem stated by you is faced by one of my friend. We tried reinstalling the network card driver, many times, however, eventually found the solution by performing these steps.

Before, coming to the solution, you must understand that, you have recently replaced the motherboard, and constraints in the windows registry sometimes create such errors. As the window is not reinstalled after the replacement of the motherboard, sometimes the drivers registered in the O/s & Bios are not functional accordingly, and needs to be replaced also.

The best option would be to Re-Install the O/S, but if you do not want to do that, ten do the following:

1-      Shutdown the Pc

2-      Remove the power source completely

3-      Now remove the network card physically

4-      Start the Pc

5-      After pc has started, navigate to the device manager, and Uninstall the network cards / wireless card drivers completely

6-      Again shutdown the system, remove power source

7-      Physically Re-Install the card you had removed earlier

8-      Start the Pc, windows will recognize the new hardware, and install the driver

The network card should be working as expected


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Please help in enabling wireless network card


This may be the problem with either software or hardware. But this needs to be further check on both hardware and software. First of, hardware should be investigated if this is failing. Unplugged and replugged the wireless network card, light should indicate that it's being recognized.

Then go to Start, Control Panel
Network and Internet
Go to Network and Sharing Center
Click Change Adapter Settings
Wireless Network Connection should be in place
If none then do the steps below

Go to Start, Control Panel
Click Hardware and Sound
Then Device Manager
Look for Network Adapters
Expand the Network Adapters
Wireless Adapter should display
If none, click on Scan for Hardware Changes
Driver might be needed, so insert the CD
Do the steps what is told you to do
Wizard will guide you through
After installation, restart the computer

Then go back to Start, Control Panel
Network and Internet
Network and Sharing Center
Change Adapter Settings
Right click Wireless Network Connection
Enabled this icon

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Please help in enabling wireless network card


Have you checked the network cards listed under Network Connections (Change Adapter Settings in Windows 7 from Network and Sharing Center)? If it's disabled from there, just right click on it the choose Enable. This should enable the WLAN card. If it's not listed there, go to the Device Manager. Check under Network Adapters and make sure that the network card is not disabled there. If it is, just right click on it and select Enable. If you can't enable it, shut your computer down and go to the BIOS. Go to the wireless card setting and make sure that it is not disabled. If it is, just enable it. If it's already enabled in the BIOS yet you still can't enable it from the operating system, there may be an operating system corruption and you may need to uninstall and reinstall your drivers or reinstall the operating system itself. If you're going to do this, make sure your files have been backed up.

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