Comparison between Windows 8 and its predecessors

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 Which operating system windows 8 or the predecessors (preferably Windows 7) will be better in the following scenarios

1)    Which operating system takes less time to boot?

2)    Which operating system’s performance is more ideal in terms of power consumption?

3)    Which operating system is better in terms of security?

4)    Which operating system is more user friendly?

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Comparison between Windows 8 and its predecessors


If you need to consider those things in choosing between Microsoft Windows 7 or earlier and Microsoft Windows 8, your choice will still depend on your needs. Like for example the first attribute you listed that asks which operating system takes less time to boot, this category will go to Microsoft Windows 8.

For the next category that asks for the power consumption, I don’t think there’s a difference because it will depend on the devices you installed on your computer and how you use your computer. For example, if you frequently play games, this takes a lot of computer processing between your processor and your graphics adapter.

When you’re on battery, playing a game will easily drain its power. For the third category that asks for the security, I guess it will depend on the security measures you will be installing like an antivirus or a firewall. The Microsoft Windows operating system, regardless of its version, is vulnerable to all kinds of attacks and a security application is required to be installed.

For the fourth and last question that points to the user-friendliness, I am positive you can kick Microsoft Windows 8 aside. When Windows 8 was released, for a short time it was immediately followed by Windows 8.1. The release of Windows 8.1 is to fix the bugs and issues found in Windows 8.

And a lot of users are complaining about Windows 8 because most of them are confused on how to use it. Microsoft Windows 8 is not user-friendly. For me, I still prefer Windows XP. The only problem is, it is very old and Microsoft already ended its support. Window 7 is fine. I just don’t like its interface.

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