Common causes of the USB device not recognized Error!

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What are the methods to correct the USB device that does not recognized the error? Is there step to initiate recognition of the USB device? Hope to have an idea on how to correct it.

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Common causes of the USB device not recognized Error!



Here are some factors why your USB device is not being recognized:
  • PC resumes from standby or hibernation mode.
  • Driver for universal bus controller is not up to date.
  • The driver for USB has been disables.
  • USB port is loose.
  • USB device version is not supported by your PC.
Among the possible cause listed, we need to isolate why the device is not being detected. It might be possible that it’s the driver from the PC, the USB device or even the PC itself.
Here are some steps:
1. Check Specification of both USB device and PC. We can’t use a USB device with version 3.0 if our PC only has a USB port that has version 2.0 and vice versa (I have included an illustration how to check if USB is 2.0 or 3.0).
It’s either look for another USB device that’s compatible with your PC or look for a PC that supports your USB device. You might also wanted to check if the USB device is working with other PC or another USB device is working with your PC.
2. Try to unplug the USB device and then plug back in. Check if there are loose ports; test all the ports in of your PC and check if there is visible damage with the USB device.
3. Check device manager and scan for hardware changes.
4. Expand Universal Bus Controller under device manager and check properties: if you see “unknown”, try to disable the drivers under universal bus controller and then scan for hardware changes.
5. Restart your Computer.
6. Access Command Prompt, run as administrator and initiate sfc/scannow. It will give results such as: find no integrity violation, find corruption and repair them, and find corruption and fail to repair them. Restart your computer and error with automatically be corrected.
7. Perform a system restore to the date where PC is working with the USB device.
8. Perform system recovery.
USB port that has version 2.0 and USB port that has version 3.0


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Common causes of the USB device not recognized Error!


Hi Friend,

Unfortunately, when you set your Hardware first time on your PC on one port then that port only will work with your hardware.

If you will try to connect your USB cable on another port then hardware will not be recognised.

Try to follow these options: –

1. Change the USB cable,

2. Change the USB port and try to fix the same hardware on another USB port,

3. Connect through Bluetooth if your hardware supports and see if that works.

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Common causes of the USB device not recognized Error!


The message “USB device not recognized” is a pretty common error which usually appears when you connect a USB device on your computer. I myself encountered it too many times and the reason why that message appears is a missing USB application. When you see this message on the system tray after connecting a USB device, it means the device you connected requires a driver.

You need to install that driver so the operating system can recognize the device and make the device work and accessible on your computer. Without the driver, your USB device will remain an unknown device attached to your computer. One device that can trigger this error is a Smartphone.

When you connect your Smartphone to your computer via USB cable without installing the phone’s software or PC suite, the “USB device not recognized” message will appear on the system tray. You will not be able to access your phone on your computer. To fix the problem, simply install the PC suite for your handset. For Samsung Smartphones, you need to install Samsung Kies.

For BlackBerry users, you need to install the BlackBerry Desktop Software. This is for BlackBerry phones with older operating system, BlackBerry 7.1. For phones with BlackBerry 10 operating system, you need the BlackBerry Link software.

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