CMOS sensor in Canon IXUS 265?

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Hi guys, have anybody here used new canon ixus 265 with 4+ processor actually I want to know how CMOS sensor works in canon IXUS and does canon IXUS have touch sensitive screen which it has back of 3 inches I think all the features are perfect in this camera by canon please tell me how CMOS works.

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CMOS sensor in Canon IXUS 265?

CMOS stands for Complementary metal oxide semiconductor. CMOS sensors are used in cameras to detect light an convert it to electricity. You can think in a 2D array of million of sensors which main function is to convert that minimal point of light hitting on its surface  into electricity. This "electricity" information is processed by the digital control and converted into a photograph or video.
CANON digital cameras 240 and 310 models do have touchscreen controls.

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