CMOS mismatch when booting system

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Hi experts,

When I boot my system I find an error message "CMOS mismatch".Can anyone provide suggestion why I am getting such error message ?

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CMOS mismatch when booting system


Hi Mr. Magdalena,

This type of error message is displayed when POST(Power on self test) doesn't find matching hardware configuration as stored in CMOS(complementary metal oxide semi conductor) in most cases it is due to CMOS backup battery failure and replacing battery should solve problem. Then you can load default,save it and proceed for booting
      Secondly, It may also due to change of jumper switches. If the error message is CMOS display type mismatch, it means the video type in the CMOS memory is not the one detected by BIOS.
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CMOS mismatch when booting system


Hello there,

This is definitely a CMOS problem and it is possible to solve it in so many ways.

1.   Set the BIOS to default.

2.   Remove if you added any new device or do the opposite.

3.   Try removing the RAM and again connect that.

4.   Do the same to the hard disk.

5.   At last try removing the CMOS battery and again set that in the motherboard.

Any of those should work out. But in my case first one and third one worked. I hope those will work in your computer too.

Thank you,

 Riley Weaver.

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