CMOS Battery Acer Aspire 4730z Series

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I have my Acer Aspire 4730z Series and just bought it for the past three months.

I'm having this annoying problem of this CMOS Battery, before it all works fine.

The issue is this, after it is left overnight and turn it on for the first time in the morning, the date will reset back to January 2010.

For example: if I boot at 3:00, set correct time at 3:05 and shutdown 3:30, the next time I start the notebook the time shows 3:05.
I entered the BIOS and the clock in not running. 
I doubt that this could be CMOS battery problem or a faulty real time clock.
Another thing is that, even when the laptop is on, the real time clock (RTC) is frozen.
Somebody can help me to figure this out please?
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CMOS Battery Acer Aspire 4730z Series


Hi Charrina,

If your RTC or Real time Clock is frozen, It happens due to faulty CMOS battery. You are using Acer Aspire 4730z Series Laptop. So please contact Acer Laptop customer service to buy and replace your COMS battery. This is a small battery and made of small size of a nickel. You have to make sure of discharging the static electricity from your body to touch the bare metal body computer cabinet. So, first you please unplug the power cable from the switchboard before picking up faulty CMOS battery.

Check for all your anti malware is up to date. If you have installed the latest version of your anti malware, make it up to date. This is only since then that the RTC has begun to play up, at first it was not too bad, but this is stuck on the same time and date now, your malware looks to need to be remote. 

If CMOS battery replacement has not been worked to solve your problem, then I am going to suggest the following. This is being suggested on the basis of the problem being tested.

Reboot your computer. Go to BIOS by hitting F2 during at the time of the boot processing. When you are able to go in the BIOS Setup Menu, hit F9 to for restoring BIOS default settings. Please reset any previously customized BIOS settings.

Then you clean up all of logs of DMI events by selecting the option to Enable, that is situated in the Advanced/Event Log Configuration section of the BIOS Setup Menu. Please hit F10 now for saving the newly created settings and restart your computer now. Check your Real Time Clock. Look for your RTC problem has gone or not.

If you still have the same problem, check these following. It may also happen to be a problem due to the 2nd IDE channel on the motherboard.

Please disconnect the cable from that and look to check if your computer is running normally or not. If not, let try to disable that in the BIOS to check that again. Channel 2 is not working properly. Look in mode %d, it is not properly asserting and dissenting the OUT signal after that is programmed.

Check for these error no:

Timer Functionality Test
Channel 2 is not working properly. No periodic ticks were generated. The Real Time Clock is possibly not working properly.

Timer Functionality Test
Channel 2 is not working properly.

Wrong time period (milliseconds) for a full count-down in mode %d? Expected: %d, Actual: %d.

Motherboard 4C00-041C
Timer Functionality Test
Channel 2 is not working properly.

The initial clock output level in mode %d is incorrect? Expected: %d? Actual: %d.

Now Check these settings:

  • Applications > Utilities > System Profiler.
  • Select on Hardware, that will be at the top of the list on the left.
  • Check for your Bus Speed, that will look like MHz.
  • You do the division of that number by four, and please remember the result.
  • Go to Library > Preferences > SystemConfiguration.
  • Now open the file in TextEdit.
  • Under <key>Kernel Flags</key>, add the line <string>FSB=…</string>, where … will be the number you have to get in step four.
  • You save the file to the Desk Top along with the extension plist.
  • Now replace the old by the new one from desktop.
  • Then repair all permissions.
  • Restart your computer.

Now your problem has gone now.

I hope this will help you.

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CMOS Battery Acer Aspire 4730z Series


Check your time zone set correctly.

If your computer has been affected by any computer virus, these kinds of situations would occur.

So if you reinstall the operating system, this problem could solve (Most of people complained about viruses that they have stopped their time).

And uncheck the synchronizing internet time server.

Check your CMOS battery and battery port also. 

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