Cloud computing usage regarding problems and advantages?

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I need to know what are the main applications that are used in cloud computing and how they work on it.what are the commecial advantages of usage in cloud computing?who uses them?

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Cloud computing usage regarding problems and advantages?



There are infinite applications of cloud computing. A cloud computing system can run all the programs of a normal computer. And there are a lot of advantages of using cloud computing. Some of them are:

  1. Users are able to access their application and their data from anywhere in the world. You can access your data by just having an internet connection.
  2. It has reduced the costs for users. Users don’t have to buy a powerful computer with a large memory to run applications. Cloud computing will take care of it. With a normal simple computer you can execute almost every application on the cloud computing.
  3. Users don’t need to have a large size of hard drive. In cloud computing you can store a large size data.
  4. Users can have a maximum computing power on cloud computing.
  5. Different companies purchase some software for each of their employee which is costly. Such companies can use cloud computing to get access to the required software. They have to pay just a little amount for this.

Everyone can use cloud computing, from a home user to a professional. 

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