Clients can automatically activate it using KMS

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My server is Server 2008 R2 box which runs as KMS server as well. It has 35 clients who are using MS Office 2010. I used the customization tool to create an installer package so as to activate it through KMS. However, my clients could not activate the program. I can forcibly activate it though ospp.vbs and set the host of KMS, just that it would be nicer if my clients can automatically activate it using KMS. What do I have to do?

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Clients can automatically activate it using KMS



Partition your hard drive and transfer all files you don't want to lose to drive without operating system.
Please check the space of your back-up if it can support, if not then use external hard drive that has a capacity for the back-up storage. 
During the formatting once the partition is done, you don't need to format every partition, only format the partition that has an Operating System.
Insert Windows XP disk to CD or DVD drives.
Restart your computer and boot for CD or DVD
Once the installation process is start, kindly follow steps.
The most important steps is to choose drive to store your operating system.
Don't forget to choose your primary drive that has Windows XP and complete the formatting
Flair Bala

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