Cisco DPC3825 Router keeps dropping wifi?

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I am using Cisco DPC3825 router and have 3 gadgets connected to it. A ps3, laptop and an ipod touch.

The problem is after 5-30 minutes the wifi signal to ipod touch and ps3 drop and then suddenly restart.

Tried rebooting the router and changing the router channel. Any Ideas?



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Cisco DPC3825 Router keeps dropping wifi?


Hello Dear,

Here is the easiest solution for your WiFi networking system. As for a WiFi connection, you need a hotspot. Using some software, you can do this in a very easy way. Now, I’m telling something like it:

Connectify is the best software as far as I know for establishing the wifi networking. It routs the windows build in wifi network card for sharing the online or available internet connection to home/ private network.

Using this software, you can

1. Start hotspot with desired name and password.

2. You can also share the internet of your likings

3. You can also connect smartphones.

Hope, this will help you

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Cisco DPC3825 Router keeps dropping wifi?


Hello Bry,

That happens sometime when there is a connection issue with the ISP you are subscribed to, and therefore you will need to inform them about the issue that you're getting and see if they will help you fix it.

Otherwise, you will need to do some basic troubleshooting that might also be causing the issue:

  • First, you will need to try restarting the router. You can manually turn off the power source that it is connected to and then power it on again, or you can use the software you have on a computer to restart.
  • Check the cables on the network and ensure that the connections have been set properly.

Hope this helps.




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