Change of wireless settings for a modem

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Good day to all you tech out there. I have been having this problem with my wireless connection at home where I just connect to a generic name as my friend would describe it, like netgear456. So I am just wandering, if you guys can give me a step-by-step process on how I will be able to change the wireless name of my wireless network and also to make it a secured network.

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Change of wireless settings for a modem


Hello Darkdee,

To change the name of your wireless network you will need to access the server computer where the wireless network settings were installed, and then just go to your account settings and change the name from there. Ensure that you save the settings and even restart the router for the settings to be refreshed on the network.

If you find it hard that way, you can call the service provider of the wireless network and let them change the name for you for they have full access to your account and they can manipulate the details from there.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung


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Change of wireless settings for a modem


Changing wireless name does help you identify your wireless connection easily. This is the type of settings mostly used by wireless users, unlike other Internet service provider which you can't change the name because of router's policy.

This can be change by 2 ways. Manual or CD installation. When changing the wireless name or SSID manually, you need to have Internet access either wired or wireless. But if you are using wireless, after the network name is changed, you will lost your Internet connection right after you save the settings. What you need to do then is to re-connect to your wireless connection using the updated wireless name. To change the settings, you can do the following steps below;

Open your browser, type in the address bar
Type the log-in credentials, username is admin and password for password
Click Wireless in the left panel
Then look for Wireless Name of SSID
Change the SSID populated to your desired wireless network name
If you want to secure the network or personalized the encryption code, go to wireless security
Select WEP key and type the desired WEP/WPA
Save the settings

This should let you connect to your personalized wireless network name or SSID.

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