Change language on Google Chrome browser

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Whenever I use the search on my Google Chrome browser, the results are in a different language.  

I travel a lot, and I want the language to be English.

Where can I adjust the settings?

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Change language on Google Chrome browser


In order to set your Google searches into English, just follow these simple steps:

  • Open your Google Chrome browser, and in the upper-right corner, you can see the setting buttonbutton. Select the Settings option.
  • Click the Under the Hood tab on the left side of your screen and click Language and spell checker settings.
Under the Hood
  • Placement English (United States) on the topmost portion of the list and click on Google Chrome is displayed in this language. You may also delete the other languages in your list in order to prevent it from changing the language again.
Changing the language in Chrome

I hope this helps!

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Change language on Google Chrome browser



Google Chrome's font and language settings let you read the web and use the browser in your native tongue.
Follow these steps to change these settings:
Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar.
Select Settings.
Go to under the hood tab and go to the "Web Content" section.
Webpage language preferences help Google Chrome determine the language it should use to display a webpage.
To adjust your preferences, first click Languages and spellchecker settings to open the "Languages" dialog. Add or remove languages from the list, and drag to order them based on your preference.
Hope these helped.
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