Change Background Image in 3DS Max 9

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Hello! I used 3DS Max 9.

I just want to ask how I can update the background image in Viewport.


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Change Background Image in 3DS Max 9


You can change your background image in just a few seconds. Here are the steps:

1. Click "Rendering" (It is located at the center top). (NOTE: you must have an existing image or you already opened a file you want to edit.)

2. Select "Environment".

3. At the "Color" tab, click it and choose the desired color you want or you could press "None" if you want a custom background and you could choose "Bitmap" and select the background you want. Just browse where the image is located.

4. Shift key to render to see model and background you just created.

5. Now you can adjust the model location, resize it, or what ever you want with your background in it.


-Oriendo Cathon

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Change Background Image in 3DS Max 9


Dear Kenny,

Please refer to the steps mentioned below to achieve desirable results.

Step 1: Click on Environment after selecting Rendering from the drop down menu.

Step 2:  Hit the ‘M’ key on the keyboard to select the Material Editor icon.

Step 3:  Select and keep holding “mr Physical Sky” buttoncfrom Environment and Effects dialog box. Now drag and drop this to an empty space in Material Editor.

Step 4:  On the appearance of the Instance dialog box, select instance and hit ok.

Step 5: The map which has been added to the Material Editor should now be selected. On the appearance of the settings, select the box positioned on the left hand side of the Use Custom Background Map. Now click the None.

Step 6 : Double click on Bitmap on the appearance of Material/Map browser.

Step 7: Find out the image that you wish to utilize and double click on the same.

Step 8 : Select Unitless, settings its value to 100000 in mr Photographic Exposure Control present in Environment and Effects dialog box

Step 9 : Switch to Modify tab in the in the Command Panel and select daylight system

Step 10: Remove the check box next to Aerial Perspective within mr Sky Advanced Parameters.

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Change Background Image in 3DS Max 9


Thanks oriendo and Perlas Draplin.

My background image is now changed.  

TechyV is a very helpful site for my tech problems.

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