Category issues with public folder contacts

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At our association we utilize MS Exchange 2008 and MS Outlook 2007. We have a folder (in public) we utilize to allocate 1550 outlook contacts. We sort out these contacts for email lists for outgoing. Various cards encompass up to 8 categories. Our concern is these cards are mislaying and expanding categories without any person recognizing they have completed the change; there is no warning message asking if one is certain and would like to save the changes.

We have set and locked down the permissions limited only to 4 users who can change a contact card, but to no avail. The contact cards grouping have no truthfulness. We did not ever have this problem with MS Outlook 2003, when categories were in at the bottom part of the contact card in a text field.

Does anybody discern what we could do to fix this issue, without getting back to Office 2003?

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Category issues with public folder contacts


Hi James,

 I can understand your problem as you are in trouble with this. I will suggest you to check office 365 website as it have solutions listed for dealing with this problem.

Hope this will help you. If there is some problem with this you can try this link as it is official link for these problems.



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