Canvas introduced by Jupiter Systems

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The multipoint collaborative visualization solution called "Canvas" has turned out to be a very hot topic these days. What is so uniquely innovative in this technology? How does it work? How is it going to help the Jupiter Systems company? 

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Canvas introduced by Jupiter Systems



I heard about this issue and thus provides concepts and partnership solution that allows users in the control room, through campus or anywhere around the world so they can identify, share, define and work together on streaming videos.

This overview can share desktop illustration. It presents people working in an office to share information and illustration feature with one another. For the first time, the managers at various locations can explain straight on a stirring video. It is also well secured on the same industry.

By canvas anyone can share visual aspects of desktop. It offers people in a office to share information and visual aspects with each other. By this for the first time, managers at multiple places can annotate directly on moving video. It is also very much secured within the industry.

This is the first method by the Jupiter System that helps them boost their popularity.


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Canvas introduced by Jupiter Systems


Some elements of Canvas that makes this application unique are

1) the ability for collaborators to work in real time with other authorized users. With other video display walls, all of the collaborators need to be in the same location, in the same room. 

2) Canvas gives the user the ability to collaborate via mobile device or from a remote PC. 

3) Canvas developed an innovative approach that allows authorized users to annotate on moving videos from their various locations, whereas with other applications, users are only able to make comments on a still image, and

4) Canvas comes with roles and object-level security for all sources, that allows a permitted viewer to watch a certain object, while a non-permitted user will get a blank slate giving the application a state–of-the-art security system.

With such innovations Jupiter Systems has become the worldwide supplier of visualization and collaboration solutions.

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