Can’t install Ardour for Christmas song in my pc

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Hello Techyv,

As a new user of Ubuntu I used this operating system because in my previous OS Windows XP which is counterfeit by Windows. Can anyone help with the error in Ubuntu were I can’t proceed the installation of this application Ardour. I need this application for mixing a Christmas disco song. Can anyone guide me how to install this application?


An unhandlable error occurred

There seems to be a programming error in aptdaemon, the software that allows you to install/remove software and to perform other package management related tasks.

Thank you techyv

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Can’t install Ardour for Christmas song in my pc


Hi King albert,

It seems your having a trouble with your new OS which is Ubuntu. Base on the errors below you need to install a 3rd party software that is design for ubuntu in order to play your christmas music files. I received this kind of forums before they just simply download the program to the internet for the software that is ideal for ubuntu to play music files. Ubuntu Operating Systems is a freeware, you can download this files anytime on the internet and it's free. But it's not a user friendly systems compare to Microsoft. I suggest you change your Operating System back to the Windows so that in future you could not encountering problems like this. The only advantage if you used ubuntu is that this software guarantee virus free compare to windows which is  virus prone. 


Tony Stevenson

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