Can’t edit my files using MS OFFICE

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I was doing some office works yesterday via Microsoft Office and my laptop suddenly alarmed me of low battery consumption so I saved my works immediately and let the laptop close for a while to have it charged.

When I turned it back on I can’t seem to edit my files anymore using MS Excel.

I tried my other files in MS word and I can’t seem to edit it also. What could be the cause of this? 

All replies will be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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Can’t edit my files using MS OFFICE


The only thing that lets you stop editing you MS Office Files is that it maybe has a problem now or you haven't activated your MS Office yet after you have installed it.

You can activate you MS Office in two ways:


You will need to dial a number provided during the activation process.

They will give instructions and the first of this is to provide activation ID:

They will then give you the conformation ID once you have entered it.


Simply connect through the internet and just follow the instruction and wait.

Note: The activation of the MS Office has a limit in a single key. If the activation exceeds, then it will not be activated anymore and you need another key to do so.

Note: Without the activation of your MS Office, you can only open the file but can't edit it.

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Can’t edit my files using MS OFFICE



With Microsoft Word application closed, search your computer for any occurrences of file and specifically remove by deleting the one in located in the highlighted directory.
C:Documents and Settings(account name)Application DataMicrosoftTemplates where {Account name} is the user name in case you are using other OS other than Windows XP.


A template for word that normally holds all formatting for Ms Word is As earlier illustrated, should it be damaged it may result in harmful responses. Immediately you try to re-open Word again, this template shall be re-created again.

The reason for your disappointments is that the file was corrupted when the computer closed down.
Now re-open this document in Word. Then save it, again either using a different name or save it in a different position than the earlier one. Close down the Ms Word application, re-open it, and proceed with your work.

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