Cannot understand data sets in visual studio

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What are data sets in visual studio? How can I use it in web application?

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Cannot understand data sets in visual studio


Dataset is a storage area, which is going to retrieve data from data source. It is a component of rather than Since, ADO (active data objects) for .net is for data access controls and was developed for data services. On the other hand is a web application framework.

Open a web project. You will see the application of dataset more clearly, if you connect your web application to database.

Create connection. Go to the server explorer, here you have data connections. Right click on it and click on Add connections. You will have a window. By which you can connect with the available data source on your system,

Such as SQL server 2008 via SQL management studio or SQL plus via ORACLE. Write server name and enter database, you have in your data source.

Now come to the solution explorer. Right click on project name and go to add new item. Select dataset. You see data set appears in solution explorer under App_code. Open data set.

Now go to the database you have added in server explorer. Click on database. Open stored procedures. Now drag and drop procedures to the dataset (already opened). This is how you used stored procedures in your application.

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Cannot understand data sets in visual studio


If you don’t have any data source installed in your system. You can use the embedded database in visual studio. Open visual studio. Go to file – new website- empty project. Add web forms to your application in order to make it understandable.

You find solution explorer and server explorer under tab View. Go to server explorer. Right click on data connections and go to Add connections and change the data source. Set data source as other and .NET framework data provider for Microsoft SQL server compact 3.5. Click on ok. Write database name and ok.

Database is created. Now create tables. And follow the same steps as mentioned above. This is an alternate way of using data source.

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Cannot understand data sets in visual studio



Microsoft. Net is a language which is developed by Microsoft and this language is similar to C and also it is majorly used in many programs for smooth execution.

Coming to Windows Application Forms in ASP,VB and C# they are simple as it is drag and drop and no need to generate any code for that as automatically code will be generated.
Remember the following 5 objects that are required in connecting to database which can be described as Connection, Command, DataReader, DataSet and Data Adapter.
To perform database with the data then you simple create a connection for database and then insert your queries and you can access data from the database.
Datasets are those that are used to retrieve data from the database and in coding we create objects for accessing data using some classes for ease of use.
Thank You.

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