How to enable IIS 7

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I am new to programming, and I was installing Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio for my web applications.

I was about to complete the installation when this message (see below) popped to my screen. The message referred to a warning that I must enable Internet Information Services 7.0 with ASP.NET support. I have searched the web, and indeed I saw that I had to enable IIS7 with ASP.NET. However, I didn’t know where to enable this.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance.

Windows Azure SDK Setup error

Windows Azure SDK Setup

To use this software, you must enable Internet

Information Services 7.0 with ASP.NET support. See the

Product release notes for details.

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How to enable IIS 7


Hello Joy,

To enable Internet Information Systems, IIS, on your computer, it is easy. Just go to the control panel of your computer. In the control panel, look for the option to turn windows feature on or off and click on it.

In the box that will come up look for Internet Information service and click on the plus sign to expand the tabs. Check all the boxes under IIS which include FTP server, world wide web services and web management tools. Click OK. You will have successfully enabled your IIS service.

Another way to access the turn windows features on or off without going to the control panel is to simply type it in the blank search at start.



Lee Hung

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How to enable IIS 7


Hi JoyMcoy,

I am Kaushik and IIS can be installed manually as follows:

Windows XP–> Load Your Disk -> Select 3rd option–>Other Windows Components–>IIS(4th Option).

This IIS will be installed. You can check status in browser by typing localhost.

Vista/Windows 7–> Control Panel–> Turn Windows Features On/Off(Left Bottom)–>Check IIS–>Apply–>Ok.

Hope it will be helpful to you.

Thank You.

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How to enable IIS 7


Hello Joy,

IIS is like the Heart of ASP which is an acronym for Active Server Pages which is a language of .net which is developed by Microsoft and this language is similar to C and also it is majorly used in many programs for smooth execution.

Coming to Windows Application Form in ASP it is simple and as it is drag and drop and no need to generate any code for that as automatically code will be generated.
Coming to IIS which can be said as an Internet Information Server first check this whether the installation is successful or not by accessing the localhost in any browser and if non found go and enable it from options from control panel.
Hope if not installed you better install by overriding with the older IIS successfully and remember that you can run any application only if you have IIS installed in the system.
Thank you.

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