Cannot Start Microsoft Office Outlook: MAPI32.DLL is Corrupt

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A pleasant day to all!

Can somebody tell me what kinds of messaging software might interfere with MS Outlook? I suspect somebody tried to install one while using this computer. I can't find anything, so I guess they might have erased it but left some remaining files that's interfering now. How can I fix this error? Thanks for the kind help!


Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. MAPI32.DLL is corrupt or the wrong version. This could have been caused by installing other messaging software. Please reinstall Outlook.

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Cannot Start Microsoft Office Outlook: MAPI32.DLL is Corrupt


Hello Katherine,

Well there are various ways to solve this problem and use Outlook p your system. The first thing I would suggest you to overcome this error is to rename a file called MSmapi32.dll to MSmapi32.old.

Also try restoring your registry from an update. Here's one more suggestion. Just download this wizard and run it and follow the steps in the wizard.

Am sure this will help.

Good Luck,


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Cannot Start Microsoft Office Outlook: MAPI32.DLL is Corrupt


Hi Katherine,

You can remove whatever program that was installed on your system by going to the control panel, then listing all the programs that are installed there using the date they were installed. The latest program that was installed should be the one causing the problem.

Another way you can remove the program is by executing the system restore utility, which will restore your computer to a previous state before that incident happened. To access restore, simply go to start on your computer, and in the blank search field type system restore' then press enter. Choose the restore point which should be a date before the occurrence of the problem then click ok.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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Cannot Start Microsoft Office Outlook: MAPI32.DLL is Corrupt


The best solution for this is to do a clean installation on the software to install a fresh copy and restoring all the default configurations since it is related to a “.dll” file error. This will also clean the system from any corrupted files that may be causing this problem. You need your Microsoft Office setup disc to begin the installation or maybe download a copy of its installer from Microsoft.
Click Start then Control Panel.
Click Add or Remove Programs.
Uninstall Microsoft Office Outlook then restart your computer when asked. If it is part of the Microsoft Office package, uninstall only this feature.
After booting, insert your Microsoft Office setup CD then go back again to Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs.
Select Microsoft Office from the list then click Change.
Select Add or Remove Features from the Microsoft Office window then hit Continue.
Under Microsoft Office Outlook, select Run from My Computer then click Continue. This will now install Microsoft Office Outlook again. Wait for it to finish.

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Cannot Start Microsoft Office Outlook: MAPI32.DLL is Corrupt


This is an error which occurs because if you install Outlook 2007 beta on a computer runs outlook 2003 installed. But even if you uninstall Outlook 2007 beta 2 the file MSMapi32.dll remains with the computer. Because of this the MAPI32.DLL error occurs. So in order to overcome this problem follow these steps

Step 1 – Start Windows Explorer

Step 2 – Locate this Folder

C:Program FilesCommon FilesSystemMsmapi1033

Step 3 – Find MAPI32.DLL file and rename it as MSMAPI32.OLD

(Note – There is also a file named Mapi32.dll, Don’t rename it)

Step 4 – Start Outlook 2003

It’s done, you can solve your problem if you follow these steps

Taylor B Campos

Thank you..!!

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