Cannot install updates for Comodo due to “lost internet connection”

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Hello experts.

Recently I have transferred from using ZoneAlarm to Comodo.

When I tried to boot the PC with the router started, I got a small message from Comodo saying:

You have Updates ready to install _ Click Here to start'

Yet when I clicked it, nothing happened.  I then tried the 'Check for Updates' on the Miscellaneous Page.  I pressed some pages and then found a small Download Graphic showing Error 113 and it said that my internet connection was lost!  I'm confused, since I can access the net that time without any trouble.

Need your help. Thanks in advance.

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Cannot install updates for Comodo due to “lost internet connection”


The issue is usually encountered when your internet connection is slow or when it lags.  This may be due to not getting a good signal on your laptop from your wireless modem and/or router. What you need to do is perform basic troubleshooting by making sure that your in a good location to get a very good signal and to reboot your laptop, modem and/or router.  Once this is done, go to the Comodo dashboard and manually check for updates.  Then hit "ok" when you see the detailed available updates and you should be able to install.  Hope this info helps. 

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Cannot install updates for Comodo due to “lost internet connection”



There might be three causes that take you to an Error no 113: Outdated browsers or outdated Flash, slow internet connections and running out of time with the internet connection. That said, please try the following:
1. Make sure you’re running the latest version of your browser as well as the latest version of Flash. The latest version of Flash can be downloaded here:
2. Make sure you are connected to the internet via a hard-wired Ethernet connection and not Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi tends to be significantly slower and increases the likelihood that your upload will fail.
3. Make sure that you have not ran out of time with your internet connection.
Also check the settings of your Comodo once before clicking on "check for updates".

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