Cannot boot up the computer

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My uncle uses a Desktop computer. He asked me to clean his computer.

I just opened the CPU and clean the dust.

When i cleaning his CPU then i disconnect every cable. when cleaning completed then i connect every cable but now I can not boot the computer. Normally what could the problem be.

Please tell me about this problem.

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Cannot boot up the computer


Before cleaning the computer you must ensure that the power is off.This might lead to short circuits on the Motherboard hence the computer will not boot. 

The memory card (RAM) might be faulty, might have gone faulty or is badly placed in its slot. Remove/replace it or adjust it well in its or another memory slot on the motherboard.

The PCI cards might have developed a fault and therefore causing this error.

Try to remove your PCI cards.

The processor might have gone faulty, and in this case replace it with another one.

Try all other obvious errors.

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Cannot boot up the computer


You are having trouble with your uncle's PC opening. You have to confirm that you have no problems with your cables. Make sure that your multi-plug is working well. Your Uncle's PC is not getting power supply. There is a Power Supply in your CPU where you connect your cable colored black. There is a power supply problem.

Change the Power Supply of your CPU. You have to replace it. There is many Company provides Power supply. They are cheap to buy. You should buy a new power supply from the sale centers. You should buy ATX 500 Watt Power supply. By this way you can solve your problem. If there is still any problem you might have to change the motherboard. Hope you got the answer.

Thank you.

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Cannot boot up the computer


If the computer no longer boots after connecting the cables back, disconnect every cable from the CPU again. Once all cables are removed, connect the power cable back to the CPU. Turn on the monitor then press the power button on the CPU to turn it on.

If the monitor is completely black and doesn’t display anything though it is turned on, make sure the video cable is connected properly to the video port at the back of the CPU. Disconnect the video cable from the video port then plug it back in. If this doesn’t work, check which video card you are connected to.

If you have two video ports, plug the cable to the other video port. Once video is restored, you should now see any error on the screen if there is any. If the error says “Operating System not found,” you need to check your optical drive if there is a disc inserted and remove it.

Disconnect any USB storage device like USB flash drive, external hard drive, USB card reader, and others then reboot the computer. Once your computer starts booting again, connect the rest of the cables you removed.

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