Cancel Button Problem in Microsoft Word 2007

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I am using Microsoft Word 2007. Everything is OK but when I click the close button, it says “Do you “want to save changes to …” And Yes, No or Cancel it's normal , that’s not the problem.

But when I click cancel it should do anything, but in my case this dialog box repeatedly asks the same question even if I press the cancel button.

What is the problem I cant understand? And what’s the solution?

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Cancel Button Problem in Microsoft Word 2007


There are times that options are being changed even without our knowledge, I have found a site that could help you with your problem.

Just accessing your registry keys to restore all the options to default. Maybe there is something wrong with your settings.

Here are the steps just click on the link.

Hope it could help:

If still the problem insists, I suggest to uninstall your copy of Office and re-install it as fresh copy. Sometimes we will be experiencing glitch on our software because of long use.

We also need time to calibrate them, have some maintenance or install a fresh copy to restore all the defaults.

Thank you.

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Cancel Button Problem in Microsoft Word 2007


The Microsoft Office Word 2007 asking you if you want to save your changes, and of course the prompt waits for your response either Yes, No or Cancel. If your response is Yes, basically the Microsoft Office Word 2007 saves your changes.

And if you choose to answer No, the Microsoft Office Word 2007 exits or closes the document open and never save the changes you have made.

For the option Cancel, if you choose these to response on the prompt, Microsoft Office Word 2007 cancels the action you have made which is closing the Microsoft Office Word 2007, meaning it will not do anything, so save has been have as well as abandoning changes. It just cancels closing the application.

Hope that this information will help you understand the function of each button concerned.

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