Can you help me? My Pc is working slowly.

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I am using Dual-Core (2.60GHz) CPU with 2 GB ram. But it is working slowly. I have not any antivirus and no internet connection. I use a pen-drive to store external data. I installed only 5 to 6 programs including drivers, Video player and Ccleaner. Actually I use my PC for playing games.

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Can you help me? My Pc is working slowly.


Your PC is affected by a virus, and virus makes it slow. You are pen drive user and haven’t antivirus. So you should buy an antivirus, and clean your PC with antivirus. The pen drive is the main source of viruses; every pen drive user should turn off the auto run option. 

1. Go to Control Panel> All Control Panel Items> AutoPlay and change your setting.

2. Browse your media content with "Windows explorer".

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Can you help me? My Pc is working slowly.


The virus can attack any PC via any external device any time. So using antivirus is necessary. Though you have no antivirus, your PC can be attacked by virus any time.

Also, many junk files, unused registries make PC slower. They also needed to be removed.

And you said that you use your PC mainly for playing games. That's the most important cause. To play games, high performance processors should be used.

You should:

  • Install any good antivirus
  • Install PC cleaning tool to remove unused files and registries.
  • Defrag your disk.
  • Upgrade your processor (using a graphics card is recommended)

After doing all these things, your PC should speed up.

And don't play games so much. It creates huge pressure on processors and makes it slower. If you want to play games, try to use a graphics card because it works like a processor and also bears graphic support and lessen the work of the processor.

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Can you help me? My Pc is working slowly.


Hi Nawaz Nazim,

After some time of using, there will be unwanted files on your PC such as junk files, abundant shortcuts, temporary files of system and internet, … They occupy much space. Use your CCleaner to clean up your PC and do not forget to check the check box Wipe free space.

Then, you clean your registry.

After that, you open startup list of tools (in the left panel of CCleaner) to check which application startup with Windows. Disable applications that are not necessary.

And you should use an anti-virus software to double check to sure that your PC out of virus, spyware, malware or something dangerous.

Hope this helps.

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Can you help me? My Pc is working slowly.


Hello Nawaz,

I would suggest you to have some more RAM as you usually play games on your computer. Now as it is getting slow so my suggestion for now is check the virus. For that install an antivirus and scan your computer. Once done and if you get any virus in your computer then install a fresh window and if there is no virus than just uninstall the antivirus.

Now check the hard disk, defragment the hard disk, also cleanup disk. Run the CCleaner. Also remove as much installed software you can. I hope that will help you to speed up your computer.

Thank you,

 Riley Weaver.

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