Can SQ Anywhere log viewer access instant changes to a database?

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I have a database with a team updating data into the database continuously.

I would like to view the log so that I know what has been done and when.

This will enable to monitor how the team is working and whether they are conforming to the agreed terms.

Is the SQL Anywhere log viewer able to perform this task?

If yes, how does it work?

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Can SQ Anywhere log viewer access instant changes to a database?

Hi Hannahwtc,
I Have searched an application for your concern, and it seems that MSDN or Microsoft Developer Network. The name of the application that I've known is the Open Activity Monitor (SQL Server Management Studio). This activity monitor collects queries of instances to flash on the activity display panes.
To monitor in real time, you have to set the refresh interval into the fastest time, 1 second, it will depend on the speed of the computer as well if it can fetch that fast data at a certain time, or else, the application will crash, and you will not enjoy it.
Take note: this application might only run with SQL Server 2012, if you are using MySQL, you have to use their product MySQL Enterprise Monitor.
This MySQL Enterprise Monitor will continuously monitor your MySQL servers and warns you if there's an error that you have to deal with before it will crash your system.

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