Can Microsoft be moved from one computer to another?

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I have two computers and Microsoft is thoroughly installed by CD's on one not the other.

I thought I could put the entire bulk file onto a disk or flash drive and transfer it to my other computer.

Is this possible?

Is this illegal, since I already bought the pack once?

Thank you.

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Can Microsoft be moved from one computer to another?


Hello Anonymous,

Your question was short although I got the message you were trying to put across. Let me give you a few insights into your problem.

You can transfer your files and folders from one computer to another using the “Files and Settings Transfer Wizard”. It does not move everything to another computer. Let me explain further. The Microsoft End User License Agreement (EULA) states that it is illegal to transfer a whole operating system to another. The license is non-transferrable to another machine in short. You will have to obtain another licensed copy for your 2nd computer.

Theoretically speaking though, you can image the drive you have your on your operating system and transfer/copy it to another machine having the same specs and it should work fine without any problems. Simply copying the whole drive contents to another file by file will not assure success for your endeavour. Imaging programs like Norton Ghost simplify the job for you by making sure everything is copied the way it should be for the operating system to continue functioning when you transfer it to another PC having similar specs.

When you have obtained a 2nd licensed copy of Windows, install it on your 2nd computer, and using the Files and Settings Transfer wizard, proceed to copy over your important files. You will have to reinstall all your former programs and applications from your 1st computer as only the settings have been copied, not the actual installed files. Such is the limitation of the wizard compared to the drive “imaging” method mentioned above.

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Can Microsoft be moved from one computer to another?


Hi! Good day,

I will give you the tips to transfer data to another computer. Use the Microsoft Windows XP files and set transfer wizard to move files and set from the old computer to the new one.

Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > File and set to Transfer Wizard. In this option you can transfer your file to the other computer.

There’s another option of transferring files. Go to my computer click drive C: or D: on the file you put > right click and go to Properties. Find sharing click “If you understand the risk and want to share the root of the drive, click here” click again, “If you understand the security risks but want to share file without running the wizard, click here” > click “Just enabled file sharing” and click Ok. > click “Share this folder on the network” > Apply and Ok.

NOTE: Make sure the hard drive that you share has a symbol of hand.

Go to the other computer which you have been transferring your files. Go to My Network Places>>>> click the disk drive that you’ve been sharing. If you find it copy and paste. 

Thank you. Hope you can do it.


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