Can I work with multiple files in Notepad++?

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Hi guys.  I need your feedback regarding Notepad++. 

Can I work with multiple text files with this software? 

Can someone teach me how to use and what functions Notepad++ has? 

Where can I download this program?

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Can I work with multiple files in Notepad++?


Hi Edward Rand,

Yes, you can work with multiple source code files with notepad++, this notepad++ is capable of having a tabs, just like your browser has now and you can also split all the tabs horizontally or vertically just to let you view 2 or more files at the same time, you can download notepad++ at

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Can I work with multiple files in Notepad++?


If you are familiar with AkelPad, I know you will notice their similarities. Notepad++ and AkelPad have great similarities. It is an all in one text editor and source code editor. It is designed to be a strong and lightweight text editor for different scripting and programming languages. If you are a programmer and do programming codes most of the time, this program sure is handy. One great advantage using Notepad++ is the featured tabbed editing. Unlike with the usual Notepad that comes with Windows that can only open a single file, with Notepad++ you can open multiple files using the tab feature.

The tab works very similar to the ones you see in web browsers that allow you to open multiple websites in one instance of the web browser. Some of its features include:

  • Fixed a problem about the localization failures.
  • You can now record the Begin/End Select commands in macro.
  • It has an improved delimiter selection which can be activated by CTRL + double-click.
  • Fixed the overwriting memory problem about the Find/Replace dialog bar.

To download, visit Notepad++ | Download Notepad++ 6.4.2. To learn more about it watch “How to use Notepad++, download installation and tutorial | video by TechyV”.

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