Can i use AMD processor in my Intel mother board???

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I have been thinking about the AMD processors I heard that they are much cheaper and same as power as intel processors so I intend to buy a AMD processors but the problem is that my Motherboard is Intel DG41. Now the question is that can I use the AMD processor in my Intel Motherboard? If not then I will have to change my Motherboard also this will be really a costly job for me. So if it can be used then it can help me out.

Please let me know is it possible or not. Quick answer can help me because I am going to buy the AMD processor quickly. So as soon as I get the answer it will help me to find out what is the right product to buy.
Please response quick.
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Can i use AMD processor in my Intel mother board???


The answer is no, why? Simple.

  • The socket that have this motherboard is LGA 775 for Intel processors only, like the Core 2 Quad or Core 2 Duo by example. You can check that info into this link
  • Well, depending of what kind of AMD processor do you buy, is the motherboard that needs, because is like Intel, there are different kinds of sockets for that, by example the socket AM3 that supports AMD Phenom II X6, AMD Athlon II X3 or the socket AM2+ that supports the AMD Phenom X4 you can check that info in the AMD website 
  • Besides that, if you choose to change to AMD, when you change your motherboard you will need to see if supports your actual components, if not you will need to change them too, in most cases the Hard Drive or your DVD/CD RW is the minor problem, i see that your motherboard have IDE and SATA ports, lets assuming that your Hard Drive connector is IDE, and the new Motherboard have only SATA connectors, that will be a problem for you forcing you to buy a new Hard Drive and buying a USB adapter, to use the old one like an external hard drive, or just drop it or something like that.
  • The major problem here, is your RAM, is DDR2 and the new standard is DDR3 you will find motherboards that supports DDR2 but you will buy a new thing that have old technology, i cant recommend you that, because you will lost the speed of the new DDR3.

Another thing that you must consider is once you change your motherboard, then the most recommend it thing, is that you install a new operating system deleting the old one, the thing is that by example if you have Windows XP, you will have Blue Screen of Death in most cases, why? Because there will be a driver issue with the old ones and new ones, this is because its a single entity that's the way that its build the system, in case that you have Windows 7 that's “no matter” in certain way, because in that edition of Windows they make the system in modules making it more stable and deleting that issue, but that doesn't mean that you will no have troubles for that in a closer future, so the same its recommend it, so any other question just let me know. Good luck with the change.

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Can i use AMD processor in my Intel mother board???

The basic answer to your question is “NO”, you can’t install an AMD Processor to an Intel motherboard. You have to purchase an AMD compatible motherboard. You will also have to match the socket type of the motherboard of your processor or else it won’t work or worse yet, it’ll damage your processor. Here are some information about AMD processors and their socket types.
The positive side of this is that you can still use the other component like, hard disk, sound card and video card. All of these are compatible with any motherboards or processors that are being used. But on the down side of it, you have to install again the operating system because it the drivers on the components will not match the ones on the motherboard.
Before installing a new processor and motherboard, you have to back up all your important files to avoid deleting them. Also, take note on the drive to which you have saved your file, you might accidentally format the drive where you back up is located. 

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