Definition Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 And Services

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Hello, experts, I am curious to know about the definition Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0. And what are the different services provided by the software? Kindly provide few of the services and the exact definition of the framework. Thanks for the suggestions and answer in advance.

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Definition Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 And Services


The .NET Framework from Microsoft is comprehensive. It is consistent programming model which is for building apps. It gives the visually best user experiences, seamless and secure connection.

.NET 2.0 Provides:

a. Improved Scalability and Performance.
b. Improved Caching.
c. Application Deployment.
d. Updating with ClickOnce.
e. Support for the broadest array of browsers.
f. 64-bit support.

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Definition Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 And Services


I can’t seem to find a 32-bit version of the .NET Framework 2.0 but anyway the 64-bit .NET Framework 2.0 redistributable installs the .NET Framework runtime and associated files required to run 64-bit applications developed to target the .NET Framework 2.0. If you wish to install it, you need to have a 64-bit system because it will not run on 32-bit platforms.

Download Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Redistributable 64-bit. It supports 64-bit Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 (Datacenter, Enterprise, and Standard editions). Microsoft .NET Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft that works mainly on the Microsoft Windows operating system.

It has a huge class library called FCL or Framework Class Library as well as give language interoperability across several programming languages which allows every programming language to use codes written in other programming languages. Applications that were created for .NET Framework run in a software environment called CLR or Common Language Runtime.

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