Can I recover a USB drive that was damaged?

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Hello, I keep many important files on a USB drive and it was dropped into water.  I allowed it to dry and tried to use it, but I am getting an error and I cannot seem to be able to recover the files I need.  Is there any technique that would allow me to recover my data after this type of damage?  

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Can I recover a USB drive that was damaged?


Hi,Daniel C Funderburk 

1st let it dry under the heat of the sun for half day, after that check if there's any changes on your USB try to see if your usb has a power look for the blink light if there is light blinking in your usb then it signifies that your usb has a power.

You can use recovery files software which is probably available in the internet just download the good ones that are free. Go to this link HERE

 You can look for it at If it still won't work then being sorry the damage part of your USB is irreparable. So consider your file is lost. I recommend you to have back your file in cloud server.

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