Can eBoostr cache my RAM?

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My PC has been performing very slowly lately. 

Where can I download eBoostr Version 4.5 and does it has an easy to use UI? 

Can it cache my RAM and SD cards? 

Would it be compatible with my desktop that have an Intel i5 processor, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD and Windows 7 OS?

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Can eBoostr cache my RAM?



You can download eBoostr Version 4.5 at the softonic com website that is very easy to use.

It is hard for this software to cache your RAM and SD cards as the cache size does not depend on the RAM installed.

However if you have large softwares in your PC the recommended size of your RAM should be 4GB.

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Can eBoostr cache my RAM?


I’m just wondering why your system became slow since you have great computer specifications. I think you only need to optimize your system to boost its performance again and eBoostr can help you achieve this. Normally, purchasing additional RAM for your computer or replacing your old RAM cards with newer and higher capacity RAM is the way users do to boost the computer’s performance. Because having more RAM means less hard drive activity and less loading time. But if you are tight in budget then this is not an option.

But with eBoostr you have a solution. This application utilizes flash memory available in any USB flash drives to boost Windows performance.

You only need any USB flash drive that uses USB 2.0 and then use eBoostr to benefit on the extra speed that it generates your system. It costs $19.99 but you can still use it for free with its trial version. This trial product works only for two hours after each system boot then will stop functioning. To download eBoostr 4.5, visit this link .

Watch also the video “How to make my / your PC Faster with EBooster | video by TechyV”.

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