Question Regarding Wireless Network Connection

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Hi guys,

We currently have one computer, a P1.6 w/512 Megs RAM. I just bought a new computer that I plan on using, for gaming that is a DUO CORE 2.6 w/2G RAM.

I want to put the old computer in my brother;s office and my computer in my office and have them both hooked up to the internet. I have cable internet and it is in my office. I bought a wireless router, with my new computer but I am not sure what i need to do with my brother's computer.

What do I need to be able to get him online? Does it have to be a PCI card or can I buy a USB PLUG in wireless adapter ?

Also, this says it is USB 2.0, the computer he will be using has USB 1.0, since it is an old computer.

Will this still work? And lastly, is there a way he can still use the printer, if it is hooked up to my computer in my office?

Thanks guys! 

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Question Regarding Wireless Network Connection



When you want to make a wireless connection between one or more devices or computers, you need to use a device that is connected on both ends. For example: when you want to share something from your cell phone to another, you need Bluetooth or infrared facility available and active on both cell phones. Similarly you need to purchase a Link Device, for your network first. Then you need to purchase a wireless USB supporting device, for your brother’s computer. This USB must be supportive also with your Wireless Link Device.

After purchasing you need to perform the following tasks step by step.

  1. Attach the device correctly with your computer.
  2. Install the software of Wireless Link device on your computer.
  3. After installation, turn on your device and set no password for connection with other devices.
  4. Attach other wireless USB device with your brother’s computer.
  5. Install the software of that wireless USB device on that computer.
  6. Go to the Control Panel.
  7. Click on “Network Connections” from the given program’s list.
  8. One wireless connection will be showing in the connection list.
  9. Connect to that link and enjoy the connectivity of your wireless connection.

For making your devices shareable with both your computers, you must be connected with the device wirelessly.

Here you want to share the printer.  If your printer supports the wireless connectivity and provide you some facility like Bluetooth then you can share it, through wireless connection. Otherwise, you need to have proper network installation and connectivity in wired form.

After making the wire installment you will make printer as shared device and on other computer, access that shared device.  


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Question Regarding Wireless Network Connection


Well, very good question.

You did not mention the distance between your office and your brother’s office. If it is less than 100 meters, then you can set a wireless network with both computers.

Here you have two questions. Number one is, what kind of wireless LAN adapter you need to buy for your brother. Answers are you can buy any one of them. But it is very easy to use USB. Your brother's computer is using USB 1.0 but the USB wireless LAN is USB 2.0. It will not create any problem. Just you need to install the driver for the Wireless LAN adapter.

And second question is printer sharing. If you make workgroup network for both computers. Then he can share your printer also.

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